Christmas has consistently been my favorite holiday for as long as I can recall.  During my childhood, the allure of Christmas was, of course, the anticipation of gifts under the tree. During my late teens, my affinity for Christmas persisted for a different reason. It was at this stage that I recognized the profound display of kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and integrity in others during the Christmas season.

     I joyfully kick off my Christmas season with pride on November 1.  Though there is a lively debate about Thanksgiving potentially being overshadowed by fellow Christmas enthusiasts, I believe it’s essential to begin discussing Christmas right after Halloween.  Soon after the world around me embraces kindness, respect, and dignity toward others, without any ulterior motive or expectation, brings me immense joy.

     Commercialism often overlooks the genuine purpose behind its profits during this time of year. Jesus is the reason for the season.  It’s a moment for people to reflect on the highs and lows of the year. These reflections lead individuals to be more deliberate in their acts of giving. Some express their generosity through gifts, while others choose to give the gift of love.  The outcome remains consistent – people become selfless during this time of the year. I appreciate the fact that strangers will go out of their way to bestow the gift of kindness.

    While you might not be in a position to donate to charities, purchase that coveted gift your child has yearned for, or organize an elaborate feast, you can always give love. It doesn’t cost anything, yet the returns on investing in love for others are enriching for your soul.