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Martha Rollins Honored as Finalist for Purpose Prize Print this page

Martha Rollins Honored as Finalist for Purpose Prize

In 2006, Martha Rollins, President/CEO and head cheerleader of Boaz & Ruth, was honored as one of 15 finalists for the nationwide Purpose Prize. The award, sponsored by Civic Ventures, is part of an initiative to invest in Americans over 60 who are inventing new ways to meet society’s toughest challenges.

Marc Freedman, founder and President of Civic Ventures, explained why Martha’s nomination stood apart from others. “Martha Rollins and the other 14 finalists disprove the notion that innovation is the province of the young and show us the essence of what’s possible in an aging society... With entrepreneurial zeal and a lifetime of experience, she has created an economic engine that simultaneously drives rehabilitation for former prisoners, neighborhood revitalization and racial understanding. Early results are very impressive.”

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