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Lloyd Price, Job Training Director here at Boaz & Ruth, moved to Richmond in 1997 from Eden, North Carolina, where he had been a safety coordinator for about six years. His goals at that time were to start a holistic ministry in Highland Park that would point to Christ as well as helping to teach job skills to train productive citizens. His sister lived in Richmond, as did his wife’s brother and sister; so Lloyd and his family had made many visits to Richmond. On these visits, he would often go to a church on the Southsidewhere the pastor there would encourage Lloyd to start a ministry on the Northside. In 1996, Lloyd came to the Highland Park area for open-air preaching, and in 1997, he moved to Richmond in order to start a ministry in Highland Park. 

 Lloyd started a business in carpentry and upholstery cleaning, but he wanted to have a training program as well. He told this to Ellen Robertson one day, and she told him about Martha Rollins and her similar idea with Boaz & Ruth. Ellen told Lloyd to look for Martha’s gray van at the fire station and to introduce himself to her. Then, he met Clarence Taylor one day at the fire station, and Clarence gave Martha’s card to Lloyd, and Lloyd called Martha the next day. A few weeks later, Lloyd met Martha in person at the future Boaz & Ruth building, which Martha was in the process of buying. He shared his ideas and interests with her, and she asked for his resume, which Lloyd gave to her. A couple of weeks later, Lloyd attended a Boaz & Ruth estate sale so that he could see some of the things that Boaz & Ruth was doing. Soon after that, Lloyd interviewed with Martha, Charlie Summers, and Ditu Kasuyi; and Lloyd was offered a job at Boaz & Ruth as Job Training Director.

 Lloyd feels that being at Boaz & Ruth is where God wants him to be, and he sees Boaz & Ruth as helping him to provide service to his families and to others in the program. He is happy that Boaz & Ruth is a ministry that is devoted to helping others. His greatest aspirations are to be able to help other and to help to give them new direction. At Boaz & Ruth, Lloyd has learning the importance of good organizational skills. He has learned how to make plans and then to stick to those plans, and he knows that things are done much more efficiently when they are planned. He is also learning time management skills and how to prioritize, and each day he works to reach his set daily objectives. His goals through Boaz & Ruth are to be the best trainee he can be by modeling the teachings on self-respect, loving God, and believing that all things are possible. He wants to show others that “What we sow, we reap,” and that if one sows good service, he will reap the rewards. He also hopes to be a good mentor to trainees, a good father and husband, and a good example to all; and he hopes to continue being the Christian that God wants him to

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